Adopt-a-Pet Code Snippets – WordPress

There are two ways of inserting a searchable listing of pets on Adopt-a-pet onto your website:

  1. Install the following WordPress plugin:
  2. Custom-code the CSS.

This article discusses #2. More information is available here.

What you’ll need

First, you need your shelter account unique ID number.
You can see that number on your Pet List Links page:

Look for the number in the links. For example, in if we search for Rescue Well: 

When we click on the link, we’ll see: <– 90239 is the ID number.

Code Snippets

If we update the following code snippet and replace IDNUMBERGOESHERE with 90239. 

<iframe src=”;title=&amp;color=green&amp;clan_name=&amp;size=450x320_list&amp;sort_by=pet_name&amp;hide_clan_filter_p=” width=”100%” height=”1000″></iframe>



Alternatively, you can present a single animal; however, the layout will be different:


<iframe src=”;clan=dog” width=”100%” height=”1500″></iframe>


<iframe src=”;clan=cat” width=”100%” height=”1000″></iframe>


<iframe src=”;clan=rabbit” width=”100%” height=”400″></iframe>


… and if all else fails, you can install the WordPress plugin. The parameters are:




iframe_width=”100%” (<- Remember to always set this to 100% or less, to enable dynamic adjustments.)




(Just remove the line breaks and add your shelter ID number.) This is how it will appear, once the widget is installed:

[pet_adoption_listings shelter_id=”90239″ iframe_width=”100%”  iframe_height=”1000″]

Good luck!