Welcome to my “pet” project – Perrito Social!

I’ve always been amazed that my tiny poodle – Peanut – can generate so much interest. His big, friendly personality has allowed me to have countless conversations about the benefits of adopting with complete strangers. Mostly, Peanut has reminded me that we’re never too small to make a difference.

Thus, Perrito Social was born. While it’s taken many forms, it’s now the place where I try and capture the things I’ve learned doing information management, web development, and social media for various animal rescues. Hopefully, it will save others in similar roles some time & frustration when trying to pull together a useful website.

If you’re struggling with a website issue, send me a message – I’ll add it to the writing queue if it’s a common issue. Please be patient, I only work on this in my spare time.

You can learn more about my other work by visiting my personal website.